Saturday, August 12, 2006

Kibaki on the "List of Shame"

“[KANU] used its majority in Parliament to throw away the so-called "List of Shame". The majority of those in the [Select Committee on Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes] will be in the NARC government, this time to implement – and not simply to talk about – what they recommended in that report. We shall have zero tolerance for corruption on our very first day in office.”
Mr Mwai Kibaki the National Rainbow Coalition's presidential candidate. The Committee report recommended that Prof Saitoti should be investigated by the Kenya Anti-Corruption Authority with a view to prosecution for his role in the Goldenberg scandal. Fred Gumo was also named. (Daily Nation Monday, November 27, 2002)

"I am pleased that the Cabinet team sworn-in today truly represents the Republic of Kenya in all aspects. I welcome you into your new jobs, knowing that Kenyans are looking up to you because they believe you are up to the job."
President Mwai Kibaki speaking after Narc's newly-appointed ministers took their oath of office. Prof. Saitoti and Fred Gumo were among those sworn in. (Daily Nation Tuesday, January 7, 2003)

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