Friday, August 18, 2006

Charity Begins at Home

"What will be the future of Kambas if they continue being used as 'briefcase carriers' in the government and fail to focus on the presidency? It is useless. Very useless indeed."
National Party of Kenya leader Charity Kaluki Ngilu pledging support for Kalonzo Musyoka if he runs for the presidency. (Daily Nation Thursday, January 17, 2002)

"We were appointed individually by the President and I'm therefore against any minister engaging in politics instead of assisting to fulfill the pledges we made to Kenyans during the elections,"
Cabinet minister Charity Ngilu, who along with Martha Karua and Njeru Ndwiga dismissed proposals that Minister Kalonzo Musyoka stand for the presidency in 2007 for as "misguided and ill-timed". They insisted that President Mwai Kibaki would defend his seat in 2007. (Daily Nation Thursday, December 18, 2003)

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