Saturday, August 12, 2006

Kibaki & Co. on Accountbility

"We want to tell the World Bank and the IMF that they have no business dealing with the Moi regime when it cannot accept to investigate and prosecute those named in the report…It is naive to think that those who have looted the economy can sit and judge themselves while they still hold executive power."

Statement signed by, among others, the leader of official opposition, Mr Mwai Kibaki, petitioning the World Bank and IMF to end aid negotiations with Kenya over the rejected List of Shame which recommended that Prof Saitoti should be investigated with a view to prosecution for his role in the Goldenberg. (Daily Nation Saturday, July 22, 2000)


Ms K said...

I LOVE your cartoons! Brilliant!

Gathara said...

Thanks. You can see more of my cartoons at my other blog, Gathara's World at