Monday, November 20, 2006

Let's First Kill all the Lawyers...

Vice-President Moody Awori today presided over the start of Law Society of Kenya's Legal Awareness/Legal Aid Week. Also present was LSK chairman Tom Ojienda.
NTV News At 1, 2o November 2006

“LSK, in the absence of the AG acting within reasonable time to bring the perpetrators of grand corruption to book, shall move to court and commence private prosecution proceedings against the named culprits without fear or favour.”
LSK chairman
Tom Ojienda reading a statement following a meeting of the full LSK Council. Though the LSK did not specifically mention whom they would target, in the same statement the Council defended John Githongo's Anglo Leasing dossier, saying the fact that he was a permanent secretary in charge of Ethics and a presidential adviser on corruption makes his evidence credible, cogent and, prima facie, enough to sustain a charge in a court of law. The ministers named in that dossier include Vice-President Moody Awori. Kenya Times, 7 February, 2006

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