Sunday, November 19, 2006

FiM in Celebrityville: Advanced Intelligence-Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

"I'm not interested in going in there like an idiot and going, 'OK, I'm going to build ten orphanages and I'll see you guys later.' I could've joined the UN and become an ambassador, visited various countries and just showed up and smiled and looked concerned. But that's not getting to the root of the problem. And neither is building orphan care centres."
Superstar Madonna criticizing Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for their involvement in building an orphanage in India.

"After learning that there were over one million orphans in Malawi, it was my wish to open up our home and help one child escape an extreme life of hardship, poverty and in many cases death, as well as expand our family."
Madonna reacting to criticisms of her adoption of a baby, David Banda, from Malawi.
Madonna funds six orphanages through her Raising Malawi charity and is setting up an orphanage for 4,000 children in a village outside the capital, Lilongwe.

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