Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Kibaki's Selective Amnesia

President Kibaki yesterday denied ever promising anybody that he would serve only for one term. And he went on to declare, for the second time in a week, that he was in the race for the presidency for another five years.
(Daily Nation Friday, February 2, 2007)

“It was hard to select the party's flagbearer. We all staked our claims with reasons. The reason that won the day was made by Kibaki after he made it clear he would be president for only one five-year term....Kibaki volunteered that proposal.”
The late Michael Kijana Wamalwa explaining on Nation TV’s StateCraft how the National Party of Kenya (NAK) agreed on a single presidential candidate. Kibaki never sought to correct Wamalwa not refute the allegation.
(Daily Nation Monday, September 30, 2002)


3N said...

in his defense Kibaki was under the assumption that Wamwala not Raila would be the flag bearer after his one term, lol.
obviously events have overtaken that assumption hence his new stance.

Anonymous said...

What do the following have in common: Kibaki, Raila, Kalonzo....they are all politicians, and in politics terms such as promise, truth, integrity etc have relative meanings. Just wait and see the circus that will be once Raila gets into power, we'll stop watching Mexican soaps ;-)